Automatic Pollution Detector for Automobiles

International Journal For Scientific Research & Development


Himani Sharma , DIT University Dehradun; Sumit Pandey, DIT University Dehradun; Sandeep Sharma, DIT University, Dehradun; Vivek Kumar Shrivastava, DIT University, Dehradun


ATMEGA-16, A.P.D.A, Fire Sensor, Buzzer, DC power supply


Automobiles are the lifeline of today’s generation. To make the work process easier and faster, automobiles play a vital role. For an automobile to serve the purpose fuel is required and the preferred fuels are petrol and diesel. According to the functioning of an automobile, the injected fuel is burnt. The burning of fuel causes air pollution. Hence, automobile owners have to get pollution level checked from time to time but there are a number of people who show carelessness to get the pollution level checked. This project aims at designing such a device that will send a message to the automobile owner when the pollutants emitted by the automobile exceed the limit. With the help of this device, the routine of getting the pollution level checked can be avoided and the vehicle owner will be automatically notified.


The process of burning of fuel causes emission of various pollutants such as carbon monoxide, Sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides in the atmosphere. This emission from the tailpipes of automobiles leads to air pollution which further results in hazards such as global warming, acid rain, and particulate contamination. [1]

There is no such technique in the present time which can completely avoid the emission of such pollutants but there, certainly, are techniques to control the emission of the pollutants. This is why, automobile owners are advised to get the pollution check done time to time but there are a number of people who fail to get the pollution level checked in the ideal time span and because of this reason their vehicles produce excessive pollution.[2]

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