Using RFIDs for Effective Disassembling and Reassembling

International Journal For Scientific Research & Development :: IJSRD

Paurush Dube , DIT University Dehradun; Mr. Vinay Kumar, DIT University Dehradun; Dr. Sandeep Sharma, DIT University, Dehradun


Almost in every industry there often arises a need to disassemble some machinery or some structure and then to reassemble it at some other place. This is done because transporting the whole structure as a whole is uneconomical and may also cause damage to the structure. Reassembling a structure which is complex in design is an arduous and time consuming task and may also cause the system to malfunction in case the reassembling hasn’t been done correctly. Here we present a methodology not only to facilitate the reassembling procedure but also to verify whether the structure has been correctly reassembled or not. To do this we employ RFID tags which have been affixed to each component of the structure and a Reader equipped with RSSI to determine the relative positions of the tags. The information hence obtained is stored in database and is later used to place the components in the correct order as well as at the correct position at the time of reassembling.


It often becomes important to determine the relative positions of the various components of a structure or machinery. Conventional means for doing so include Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology and Ultrasound systems such as Active Bat.
There are two basic problems associated with these technologies:-

  • Larger size of tag
  • High cost of installation [1]

RFIDs offer not just an effective but also an inexpensive solution to both of these problems. With advancements in technology the size and price of RFID tags is constantly decreasing while their accuracy and range are constantly increasing.
A typical passive UHF RFID tag can be read from as far as 12m and a few tags are as small as a grain of rice. Also the cost of tags and equipment is decreasing by the day.

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